The Startup Showcase

The Startup Showcase brings together the most exciting innovators reprogramming the defence sector. The showcase invites them to pitch their innovations to new potential partners, investors and customers as well as giving the primes and Government access to the top innovators. Read on for details of the startups who participated in 2021.



The Startup Showcase highlighted the following seven inspiring startups who are revolutionising the defence and technology sector.

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - Adv

Advai is a London-based StartUp that looks at providing tools to enable Secure and Robust AI/ML. Their underlying technology is focussed on Adversarial AI/ML - how AI systems can be manipulated using just their inputs (e.g. we can manipulate images or text so that a human sees one thing and the AI sees something completely different).  They are developing tools that allow customers to test their AI systems, see how robust they are and identify ways that those systems can be improved. Their initial customers are MoD and UK Government.

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - Amp

AMPLYFI was founded in 2015 by Chris Ganje & Ian Jones, two strategists at BP, after struggling to extract beneficial insight from the same data & opinions everyone else consumed. They decided that building a machine capable of “reading & analysing the internet” was the key. So they set about building a team capable of creating the worlds first Insights Automation Platform.

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - Cer

We don’t simply accept the status quo; at the heart of the Cervus approach is a culture of change. We understand that innovation is not just about the delivery of new products, it’s also about the delivery of services and commercial approaches. This understanding enables us to accelerate the transition from idea to service. 

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - DIE

DIEM Consulting was founded in 2002 as a niche strategy consultancy and in 2011 spun-out DIEM Analytics to focus on decision aids and creating augmented intelligence for complex situations, particularly for Defence. This is because clients increasingly requested access to the tools which DIEM had developed, built on our approach of combining stakeholder engagement with modelling and simulation. As these tools have increased in complexity, maturity and utility, DIEM Innovations was spun out in 2020 to realise the full potential of our ideas, scaling and productising our technology to turn our projects from proof-of-concept to proof-of-value. 

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - Geo

Geollect is an innovative geospatial intelligence company, which provides a synthesis of cutting edge data feeds with proven advanced geospatial analysis. Using location analytics, automation methods and intelligence cycle principles as the bedrock of it's processes, Geollect is at the forefront of the commercialisation of geospatial intelligence.

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - Gua

Guardara is on a mission to secure the world's code by helping enterprises find critical security issues in complex environments. We take sophisticated security testing methodologies and democratize them for use by engineering teams. Our first product, FuzzLabs, takes technology typically used by security researchers and malicious actors and makes it easy to use and deploy to find zero days in custom and proprietary products. 

Defence Disrupted Startup Showcase - Log

Logically is a technology company combining advanced AI with one of the world’s largest dedicated fact-checking teams to provide everyone, from individual citizens to national governments, with the tools they need to identify and debunk harmful misinformation. 

The following key themes within defence were the focus for this year's Startup Showcase.















The Startup Showcase Live

The Startup Showcase was the finale of Defence Disrupted 2021. Leading defence stakeholders, decision makers, innovators and entrepreneurs came together to delve into today's biggest challenges for the defence sector. Join us again in 2022.