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Whether you are a warfighter, official, investor or industry leader, it is time to strengthen our commitment to engage with innovative digital technologies in defence - preparing us for security in the future while engaging with the real threats we face today.

Join us at Defence Disrupted 2022 and let’s get to work.
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Last year’s inaugural edition of Defence Disrupted established the world’s leading hub for defence innovation and technology. Two days of cutting-edge discussion explored how digital technologies are radically changing the way the defence sector operates - but this year we are taking this conversation one step further. With digital innovation representing an essential measure of modern defence capability, the challenge now is one of adoption, integration and scale.
The global threat landscape is evolving rapidly and in important ways, demanding careful analysis to protect our national security and that of our allies. As demonstrated through the Russian invasion of Ukraine, countering traditional kinetic threats continues to be at the heart of defence’s mission. Today, these threats are increasingly exacerbated by cyber and information warfare including through attacks on critical national infrastructure and mis/disinformation.
This new global battlefield requires our armed forces to embrace offensive and defensive cyber, digital technologies and innovation - we must double down on these critical determinants of modern military power in order to leverage their potential to improve our security and help the warfighter. Information and actionable intelligence will only grow as a strategic form of ammunition - from its ability to integrate & connect our defence systems to its power to combat adversarial threats in the cyber domain.
Engaging with this global context, this year’s programme will dive into critical topics ranging from data-driven defence technologies to domain integration to cybersecurity & the threat of mis/disinformation. Taking a practical approach to these discussions, Defence Disrupted 2022 will not only deliver engaging debate & thought-leadership, but drive practical change - contracts, investment and new technology.
PUBLIC helps reimagine and build digitally-enabled public services. We started life as an accelerator and investor and have evolved to become Europe’s leading government-focused technology company.

Led by Daniel Korski, ex-deputy head of the No.10 policy unit and venture investor Alexander de Carvalho, PUBLIC is a ‘policy-to-product’ business - keen on shaping policy, transforming systems and finding and developing the products that can bring the policy to life.

Since 2016 we have helped to create and are a part of a leading ecosystem helping to solve pressing issues in the public domain. We built PUBLIC amidst Europe’s startup ecosystem, helped shape “GovTech” and firmly believe new companies are critical to government transformation.
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